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We are a full service Mobile Digital Agency. We can help you bring your mobile ideas to life.

Our Services

Mobile Strategy

Mobile Engagement Marketing


With so many choices and alternatives, how do you keep a customer interested in your services?


We specialize in creating, planning, executing, coordinating and monitoring campaigns that run both in- and around mobile applications, games and services.


Our services include:

  • Social Engagement Contests

  • Direct Email and Text Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Campaign Analytics and Insights



Mobile User Interface and User Experience Design


5…4…3…2…1.  There is a count down occurring.


If you’re mobile applications or services have not impressed a potential customer in these first seconds they are gone; lost to the wind; not necessarily forever; but its pretty hard and costly to get them to return.


Your mobile applications and services must WOW all potential customers in those opening seconds, … AND then MUST WOW them every time when they come back.


Its costly to acquire customers, so don’t risk loosing them because of poor user interfaces and poor user experiences.


We can help you. We use the best technologies and techniques to define user interfaces and user interface experiences.


Our approach:

  • Before any development occurs, we create a prototype that demonstrates the user interface, the user experience, functionality and navigation.

  • On a one-to-one basis we take key users through the relevant aspects of each prototype. We take careful note of their likes, dislikes and preferences.

  • After multiple iterations, you get a beautifully crafted, user accepted user interface design and user experience flow.


Getting key users’ buy-in upfront dramatically increase product acceptance and uptake later on.



Big Data Analytics and Insights


Understanding your customers and how they interact with your mobile applications, games, services and platforms, is key to making strategic decisions to engage them better.


With customer insight you can:


  • Adapt and take advantage of new opportunities or correct problematic areas and oversights.

  • Grow the relationship between you and your customer.

  • Deliver real value.

  • Realize your customers true lifetime value.

  • Maximize you value proposition differentiating you from your competition.


We can help you. We have a wealth of experience in building analytical models, dashboards, and real-time platforms that provide key stats, correlations and trends; that are geared to the specifics of your business.


We have worked with all kinds of databases and data visualization tools.



Mobile Development


What to build?


Is it a native application? Is it mobile web application? Is it mobile capabilities? Perhaps middleware or a platform?


We have vast experience in:


  • Mobile and enterprise technologies, 

  • Developing platforms, middleware, SOA, application servicer, databases (relational and non-relational).

  • Developing high volume transaction processing systems with full redundency.

  • Mobile websites optimized for all types of browsers.

  • Native iOS and Android applications.

  • SMS and USSD.


We embrace mobile and all its technologies.


We can help you build something awesome.



Mobile Operations, Support and Management


Mobile Engagement Marketing
Mobile UI & UX
Big Data
Ops and Support

Mobile Strategy


Your customers’ see mobile as an extension of themselves. This is wonderful news.


And mobile is your personal one-on-one link to your customer.  What an opportunity.  


You can today with mobile:


  • Deliver personalized real value direct to your customer and measure its success.

  • Learn in almost real-time from your customer interactions.

  • Take advantage of customer trends.

  • Target specific customer segments.

  • Shape, adapt and personalize your value proposition.

  • Differentiate yourself from your competition.


What ever your needs, its success hinges on taking advantage of the growth in mobile. Our mobile first approach will set you on the right path, open you to new opportunities to engage your customers, and increase your likelyhood to be successful.


In the mobile applications, services and platforms spheres, there are dozens of alternatives and substitutes. Your consumers have many choices, and as soon they feel its too hard, or too time consuming, or too costly to derive a benefit from what you are offering they will look else where.


To stand out and be relevant, your mobile strategies must be able to adjust and pivot to trends and changes in consumers' behaviours. Failing to do so will have disasterous implications.


We specialize in working with developers and brands to:


  • Define mobile value propositions that differentiate them from the competition.

  • Segment mobile customers based on the value that they could provide.

  • Identify mobile customer engagement and monetization trends.

  • Plan, execute and manage engagement marketing campaigns.

  • Cultivate the mobile customer relationship.

  • Analyze big data mobile trends.

  • Define and monitor KPIs measuring success.

  • Identify and choose best technologies and approaches to satisfy needs.

  • Define and manage product roadmaps.

  • Develop, manage quality, implement and support your offerings on an ongoing basis.



We have built you something awesome. Don’t worry we are not going to just drop it off at your doorstep and run away.


We will:


  • Support it 24/7 within a SLA.

  • Give it the tender love and care it needs, so as to maximize your investment.

  • Manage its minute-to-minute running’s and operations.

  • Manage its life cycle, and all enhancements as per your business strategies.

  • Manage and control change.

  • Manage quality.

  • Manage any/all the people that support and enhance it.



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