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A beautifully crafted application that targets users across Africa with no and limited access to affordable Internet.

Mobile Chat Application

We built and manage this application for a leading South African mobile application publisher. Its been incorporated into many of their products.


Application Experience

The application runs on: 


  • Mobile web (targeting consumers that have access to mobile internet and smart phones).

  • USSD sessions (targeting consumers with no and limited internet access).


Users can use it to chat anonymously or chat privately with friends. 


The application includes entertaining chat games encouraging safe, fun conversations.


Users are rewarded for interacting and engaging others. Rewards include prepaid vouchers, e.g. Prepaid airtime.


Built to be easily rebranded and white labeled.


Supports any billing model: subscription based, pay-per-session, advertising based, sponsorship based and more.


Collects multiple currencies.


User experience is exceptional and highly entertaining.


Integrates with Telecommunication networks' for SMS communications, MSISDN detection, double opt-in and airtime payments.



Technology Stack

Cloud based technology stack incorporating


  • Web servers

  • User session management

  • Data storage

  • Cloud logic

  • Application analytics

  • Notification services

  • Integration services



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