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A beautiful platform powering mobile subscription management and mobile payments.

Mobile Subscription and Payment Management Platform

We designed and manage this platform for a leading South African entrepreneur, whose focus is managing subscribers and subscription payments for mobile services, mobile websites and mobile applications across Africa.


This platform is core to their business success. It's been intergrated into their entire product offering, and it has been on-sold to their customers, who inturn use it to deliver subscription services to Africa's mobile consumer market.


Designed as software-as-a-service, this platform is benchmarked as best in its class amongst its peers.




Runs thousands of mobile phone subscription services for subscription businesses, ranging from big brands, to application publishers.


Hundreds of thousands of users are subscribed to subscriptions services managed by this platform.


Millions of subscription payments are processed daily.


Subscription as a Service

Compliant with Telecommunication networks' double opt in regulations. User are only subscribed once they have double opted in.


Compliant with SMS communication regulations, and Consumer Protection and Privacy legislations.


Provides a clear, easy unsubscribe mechanism.


Easily customizable and configurable.


Mobile application publishers have full access to their subscriber base.


Supports multiple application publishers and multiple applications within application publishers' portfolios.


Subscription payments are deducted from active subscribers mobile phone airtime balances.


Supports multiple currencies, any amount, any payment frequency.


Subscriber and payment history accessible anytime and from anywhere.


Subscriber Acquisition


Attracts paying users from multiple channels such as paid search, paid advertising, mobile web publishers, affiliate marketers, social media, smart phone applications, email, SMS text, USSD sessions, and IVR sessions.


Tracks leads and subscriber acquisition success across 100% customizable, mobile optimized web landing pages. Acquisitions across landing pages can be easily compared, on the fly. Landing pages run beautifully on Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox mobile web browsers.


Communicates acquistions and revenues shares with multiple third parties, as may be required.


Determining advertising campaign successes, subscriber payment success and payment trends as easy as 1-2-3.


Its benchmarked as best in its class amongst its peers.


White label solution.


Multi-tenant architecture.


Flexible APIs enables integration from anywhere on earth.


Integrated with Telecommunication networks' for SMS communications, MSISDN detection, double opt-in and airtime payments.


Integrated with advertising networks and affiliate marketers for lead and conversion tracking.


Integrated into mobile applications and services, ensuring easy subscriber acquisition, easy access control and exceptional customer service.


Scalable cloud-based infrastructure that is capable of processing tens of millions of bills daily.


Secure.  Security is entrenched in platform’s foundation architecture. Data is secure in motion and at rest. Hosting is secure.


Incredible smart secure reporting and analytics, accessible anywhere.


Monitored proactively 24/7.


Complies with Consumer Protection and Privacy legislations and mobile double opt-in and communication regulations.



Technology Stack

Mobile Subscriptions and Payments Platform Stack

Cloud based technology stack incorporating:


  • Web and applications servers

  • User sign-in and session management

  • Data storage

  • Cloud logic

  • Application analytics

  • Notification services

  • Integration services


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