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A beautiful crafted mobile experience enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people daily…. A huge success.

Mobile Phone Number Lottery Game

We built and manage this game for a leading South African entrepreneur. Its currently running as a value added promotion by Telecommunication Networks across South AfricaBotswana and recently Lesotho.


Game Experience


The game targets users in Emerging and Developing markets with limited or no access to affordable Internet.


Users play using SMS text or USSD sessions.


Every day the game engine chooses a mobile number that is eligible to win a jackpot prize. Using this jackpot number, winners are selected from a daily entry list, that have 2-8 numbers in their mobile phone numbers matching the jackpot number.


Thousands of prizes are paid out daily. Prizes include prepaid vouchers and mobile money.


Users can play once off, or they can subscribe and be entered automatically into daily draws.


Collects multiple currencies.


Users can easily unsubscribe.


Compliant with Lottery and Consumer Protection legislations, as well as mobile communication regulations defined by the Telecommunication industry.


Our customer has 24/7 access to the game engine and can manage and monitor all aspects of the game, including KPIs, billing histories, communications, customer interactions, and prize payouts.


Integrates directly into Telecommunication payment and communication platforms.


Integrates directly into our customers lead generation and accounting softwares.




Encourages additional airtime purchases across the Telecommunication Networks. Consumers get value through the exciting reward structures.  

Technology Stack


Cloud based technology stack incorporating


  • Web and application servers

  • User session management

  • Data storage

  • Cloud logic

  • Application analytics

  • Notification services

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