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Delivers a highly addictive game play experience.

Mobile Slot Machine Game and Platform

We were strategic in the design of this slot machine game and platform. Today we manage it and are continuously enhancing and adapting it value proposition based on its usage and users’ engagement experiences.


Designed as software-as-a-service, this game and platform enables entrepreneurs to easily launch mobile slot machine games to consumers across Africa. This game and platform handles everything from slots selection and presentation, to prize payouts.


Its designed upfront to deliver mobile slots entertainment to markets with no and limited Internet access and to markets where high quality Internet is available.



Slots as a Service

Compliant with Consumer Protection and Privacy legislations, as well as mobile communication and double opt in regulations defined by the Telecommunication industry.


Supports multiple entrepreneurs.


Easily customizable and configurable.


Entrepreneurs have:


  • Full access to all information about players, player activities, player retention and churn, winning results, prize payouts, revenues collected, costs incurred and more.

  • Full control of game mechanics and rules, game accessibility, prize availability, communications and promotions. 


The game is accessible over mobile web, SMS text, USSD sessions and through a flexible API.


  • The mobile web game delivers slot results with graphics that supports feature and smart phones, and the various web browser types.

  • The SMS text and USSD games delivers slots results to players in words, accommodating players with no and limited Internet access.

  • Flexible REST/RPC API delivers slots results enabling integration direct into application publisher's platforms.


Supports multiple currencies, any amounts, and revenue models of pay-to-play, pay-per-session and re-occuring subscription billing.


Players win when they match multiple symbols from left-to-right, across any number of lines, slots and line patterns.


Winnings accumulated are paid out as prizes.  New prize inventories are continuously being added. Prizes can include: prepaid airtime vouchers, prepaid electricity, water and gas vouchers, coupons, mobile money and more. 



Full Control


Game Mechanics and Rules


Entrepreneurs have full control of every aspect of the game and business behind the game.


They can manage:


  • Number of lines.

  • Number of slots.

  • Winning line patterns.

  • Number of reels.

  • Size of reels.

  • Slot symbols and artwork.

  • Winning symbol combinations and winning values.

  • Pay to win ratios.

  • Revenue models.




Entrepreneurs can choose whether the game is available on mobile web, SMS text and USSD sessions.

There is an API that enables integration of the game into other platforms.

Entrepreneurs have full control of branding, imagery and copy across these user interfaces.


Prize Availability


Entrepreneurs can choose the specific prizes winners could collect.

Prizes available include mobile money and airtime vouchers.The choices available vary on cost.




Entrepreneurs can send SMS to offline players, notifying them of active promotions and encouraging them to come online and play.




Entrepreneurs can launch in-game promotions to encourage game play and drive sales. 


Promotions can increase winning odds, increase winning prize values, give away unique content, and reduce costs of play.  


The platform can schedule promotions in advance, set them to re-occur based on dates, times and events, and manage the order in which they occur.


The following promotion types are supported:


  • Time of day promotions. These run at set time intervals during a day.

  • Date promotions. These run on specific dates, e.g. on Valentines day.

  • Big spender promotions. These target players that spend a certain amount per day, week, month, etc.

  • Volume based promotions. These targets players based on number of games played.

  • Free plays. These either occur randomly or based on set date and time intervals and defined pay-to-win ratios.

  • Multipliers. These run at set date and time intervals, and are based on defined pay-to-win ratios. Winnings increase by the multiplier.

  • Future Multipliers. These indicate that future winnings across set time intervals will increase by the multiplier.  As with multipliers, this is based on defined pay-to-win ratios.



Multi-tenants architecture.


Supports scheduled tasks enabling notifications and communications as and when required.


Flexible APIs enables integration from anywhere on earth.


Integrates with Telecommunication networks' for SMS communications, MSISDN detection, double opt-in, voucher delivery and airtime payments.


Scalable cloud-based infrastructure that is capable of processing millions of plays daily.


Incredible smart secure reporting and analytics, accessible anywhere.


Secure.  Security is entrenched in platform’s foundation architecture. Data is secure. Hosting is secure.


Monitored proactively 24/7.




Cloud based technology stack incorporating


  • Web and application servers

  • User ID and session management

  • Data storage

  • Cloud logic

  • Application analytics

  • Notification services




Technology Stack

Slot Machine Game and Platform Stack
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