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Continuous Engagement Platform

“They have downloaded your application, now you have to keep them interested”





Subscription Businesses


Runs thousands of mobile phone subscription services for subscription businesses, ranging from big brands, to application publishers.


Hundreds of thousands of users are subscribed to subscriptions services managed by this platform.


Millions of subscription payments are processed daily.


Incredible smart secure reporting, accessible anywhere.


Easily customizable and configurable.


Determining payment successes, advertising campaign successes and payment trends as easy as 1-2-3.


Integrates seamlessly into mobile applications and services, ensuring easy subscriber acquisition, easy access control and exceptional customer service.




Multi-tenants architecture.


Flexible APIs enables integration from anywhere on earth.


Scalable cloud-based infrastructure that is capable of processing millions of requests daily.


Incredible smart secure reporting and analytics, accessible anywhere.


Secure.  Security is entrenched in platform’s foundation architecture. Data is secure. Hosting is secure.


Monitored proactively 24/7.



Technology Stack

Cloud based technology stack incorporating


  • Application servers

  • User ID and session management

  • Data storage

  • Cloud logic

  • Application analytics




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